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Dubai - UAE

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As a significant shareholder in multiple engineering, investment, startup, and real-estate businesses, I have used over +15 years of experience to grow businesses in the MENA region and other countries as well through the development of exceptional products and services that benefit both individuals and organizations.

I offer advice on and connect businesses to the best employee engagement programs – recognizing and rewarding individual team members throughout organizations to inspire and motivate growth, build loyalty, and reduce attrition.

I began my career as a civil engineer working for a global corporation before branching out into the financial markets, startups, and real estate. Developed management training and internship programs in the UK, Germany, UAE, and Egypt for engineers from Europe, the CIS, and the US to experience work and lifestyle in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Managed more than 500 individuals on a variety of projects.


If there is one thing I wish to achive in my pro-life is to help new generations become the best versions of themselves and partnership with individuals who are willing to make an impact on the working environments.
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