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“Sourcing, retaining, and promoting diverse talents is critical to the success of GO. Partners and employees with different backgrounds and perspectives spark innovation and push us to promote and achieve ideas to accomplish the GO mission and make our vision a reality.”

Our people and partners have been practicing real estate in all of its forms for decades. They have experienced the highest level of real estate transactions and the toughest property purchases in various cities, countries, and continents.

Our professionals have GREP (Global Real Estate Practitioner) certification among other qualified certifications in both real estate and business markets. They are members of NAR (National Association of Realtors) and other real estate associations globally. They are licensed to practice real estate in Dubai UAE and around the world.
We create opportunities through campus recruiting initiatives and internship programs. Our internship programs are internally sourced education programs designed to give college freshmen and women and sophomores from underrepresented groups career awareness and access to the residential and commercial real estate industry.
A diverse workforce is a stronger, more resilient workforce. We are committed to improving gender and ethnic representation in all our job families particularly at the officer level and building teams that reflect the diversity of our communities.
At Global Opportunities, we embrace diversity and foster an inclusive culture that empowers everyone to excel. We are committed to ensuring a space for employee awareness, connection, and learning. By promoting empathy, education, and action, we drive engagement, understanding, and a strong sense of belonging for all. Together, we spark innovation and advance ideas that benefit our organization and everyone.

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